Topiom indoor rowing machine

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Noise Optimized

Avoid disturbing your family and neighbors while giving you the real water rowing experience is our first concern. Dedicated construction absorbs sound and vibration. Normally the loud is below 65 DB, you can row at ease both in the morning and night.

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Variable Resistance

As you pull the handle, the flywheel begins to spin. The flywheel must displace the water in front of it, which then causes the resistance. The faster the paddles spin, the more resistance is created.


We know it’s important to get the accurate dimensions of rower machine before buying it, you can put it in your living room or bedroom. Storing in an upright position no wider than a chair.

Easy Storage

The size of the rower machine is smaller and easier to store upright. People with smaller apartment can easily store it upright in the corner with no problems. It stands very stable and don't worry about it falling over if someone run into it.

Performance Monitor

Recently many customers shared their suggestions and reviews with us regarding monitors. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we upgraded the original monitor and here comes the V2 monitor, in an effort to give customers a better rowing experience and workout tracking. Except from the fundamental functions of V1, Bluetooth and Target functions are integrated in V2 monitor. We never stop refining our products and customer experience. Opinions and feedback from our distinguished customers are most welcomed.

Want to boost your health and overall fitness today?Register now!

  • Brian Pfeifer

    "I usually hate cardio. I often stress myself out trying to do and keep up with running, which bored me and hurt my knees. Topiom rowing machine is very low impact (good on your joints) but works roughly 80% of your muscles and thus burns more calories. If you're going at a good pace, you can burn 500 calories in 30 minutes easily. Btw, its really quiet when workout with topiom’s rower machine, highly recommended!"

  • Raul Salas

    "Best investment I have ever made ! Few months ago I was inspired by youtube influence about weight loss via rowing, I do quite a lot research, for apartment user, C2 is out of my consideration as it is too loud, my ideal is waterrower, I rowed a few times at my friend home, but WR is too expensive, thats why i shocked by topiom price, once I received rower machine, its exactly what i expected! Satisfied with topiom overall service! five star!"

  • David Guzman

    "Love it. i owned a concept 2 before this. the rower machine is much more quiet,the design on topiom’s rower machine is way better. when not in use it can be stood upright and almost looks like a modern piece of furniture. very impressed. highly recommend. my favorite piece of workout equipment."

  • Diego Melendez

    "The simplicity of the row, is what drew me to rowing in the first place,I decided on rowering because I am 65, and wanted a low impact workout. After a lot of research and comparison, I got this rower machine from Topiom. I love it! Combined with my yoga, and some strength training, I look forward to my rowing!! Thank you!"